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Thoughts in Vietnam

Vietnam veterans Mick Aguirre, Mary Breed, Micheal Maurer, Wendell Affield, and Bruce Richardson share what it was they thought about while serving their tour in-country. 

These clips are from the TPT documentary Perspectives. Learn more below.

When you're out there, you just have to stare straight ahead and... keep your wits about you.

About Minnesota Remembers Vietnam: Perspectives

Through a series of 12 short profiles and a feature-length documentary, Twin Cities PBS producer Luke Heikkila unpacks the personal narratives of family members and Minnesota veterans who endured one of the most unsettling chapters in American history: the Vietnam War. These stories reveal the unexpected ways that war forever changes someone.

Story Themes: Bruce Richardson, Camraderie, Combat, Death and Loss, Family, Fear, Home, Mary Breed, Micheal Maurer, Mick Aguirre, Perspectives, TPT, Twin Cities PBS, Video, Watch, Wendell Affield

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