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St. Peter Vietnam veterans Mike Mayo and Bob Lambert share their perspectives on serving during the war in the videos below, rcorded with the help of TPT's Minnesota Remembers Vitenam team.

As I'm going up this hill, I meet a guy from St. Peter.

St. Peter Vietnam veteran Mike Mayo recalls a serendipitous meeting during combat in Vietnam.

I did just about kill us all... just to save some time.

St. Peter Vietnam veteran Bob Lambert describes a very close call during his service in Vietnam. Watch Part 2 of Bob's story.

Saint Peter Area Veterans Memorial Dedication July 1, 2018


Architectural rendering of war memorial.

Saint Peter Area Veterans Memorial website

Saint Peter Area Veterans Memorial: 1. Service Wall; 2. Honor Wall; 3. Donor Wall

On July 1, 2018 hundreds gathered on the northeast corner of Minnesota Square Park in St. Peter, MN to watch the unveiling of the new Saint Peter Area Veteran Memorial, which features three walls: Service Wall, Honor Wall and Donor Wall, engraved with the names of over 1,200 servicemen and women with ties to St. Peter. The memorial also includes a large bronze statue of an eagle representing peace and freedom.

View snapshots from the July 1 Dedication Ceremony below:

About the Memorial:

The Saint Peter Area Veterans Memorial will be a place to honor and remember the sacrifices made by our service men and women in defense of our freedom. It will be located in Minnesota Square Park in St. Peter, MN on the corner of College Avenue and Minnesota Avenue. 

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Bronze sculpture of an eagle and waves.

The Spirit of Freedom and Peace, sculpted and designed by James Shoop

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