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Their Stories Died with Them

Wendell Affield learned the importance of telling one's story from the local WWII veterans in his small community. He'd seen many of these veterans' stories die with them. He ended up documenting his own veteran experience in "Muddy Jungle Rivers," his novel about his time in Vietnam.

This clip is from the TPT documentary Perspectives. Learn more below.

I came to the realization that if I didn't tell our story, it would die with me.

Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Mekong Delta, Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Military Branch: U.S. Navy

About Minnesota Remembers Vietnam: Perspectives

Through a series of 12 short profiles and a feature-length documentary, Twin Cities PBS producer Luke Heikkila unpacks the personal narratives of family members and Minnesota veterans who endured one of the most unsettling chapters in American history: the Vietnam War. These stories reveal the unexpected ways that war forever changes someone.

Story Themes: 1968, Mekong Delta, Navy, Perspectivs, Relationships, Shevlin, TPT, Twin Cities PBS, Watch, Wendell Affield

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