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Just Trying to Keep My Buddies Alive

A large company of US soldiers sitting on a hill, posing for a photo.

This video was captured by the Twin Cities PBS Minnesota Remembers Vietnam team in Bloomington, MN at a national 1st Battalion, 1st Marines reunion in August 2017.
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My country sort of let us down... it makes you feel like the sacrifice wasn't always appreciated.

Upon coming home, Ray Plummer had trouble relating to former classmates who didn't serve; but the connections he forged in Vietnam have lasted for decades. His biggest priority while in country was to keep his friends alive. In recent years, Ray has felt more welcomed in veterans' organizations.

Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Dodge City south of Da Nang, Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Unit: 1st Battalion

Story Themes: 1968, 1st Marines, 1st Marines Reunion, Bloomington, Booby Traps, Coming Home, Da Nang, Disillusionment, Dodge City, Enlisting, Fall of Vietnam, Firefight, Marines, Ray Plummer, Reunion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW, Watch

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