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Go for the Kill?

There had been reports of a large amount of enemy activity on the west end of the Hiep Duc valley.  

Recon humped off the west end of LZ West early in the morning following a jungle trail on the hill tops. About mid day we spotted some NVA resting at a small village in a lower ridge area. They had not spotted us. 

Map and text detailing a failed night attack.

I was called up to the front of our patrol. The lieutenant asked me if I could lay down an effective line of fire because of the distance and trees that were between us. I said yes. I then set up my position. Several of the other men moved in closer. 

After fifteen minutes or so I was given the order to fire. Which I did. It was very effective. The men that had moved in closer also opened fire. We received very little return fire and then it was over. 

We then approached the area. I could clearly see I had cut down three NVA and also one woman. There was a couple of NVA that got any. I couldn’t believe I had taken the live of a woman. I kept telling myself that she was one of them. She had no weapon. She was cooking some food.   

Medals I received because of this incident: None, learn to have no feelings, get even!

Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Tam Ky, Hiep Duc Valley, Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Military Branch: U.S. Army

Dates of Service: 1969 - 1971

Veteran Organization: Army

Unit: Co.E,4th Bn 31st Inf, 196 Bde, 23rd Inf Div

Specialty: 11 B

Young shirtless soldier standing outside a bunker.

Greg Morfitt, bunker on LZ West.

Story Themes: Death and Loss, Guilt, Hiep Duc Valley, Landing Zone West, LZ West, Tam Ky

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