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Everyone experiences war in a different way. Twin Cities PBS - TPT's documentary Minnesota Remembers Vietnam: Perspectives reveals the unexpected ways that the Vietnam War forever changed some people, and unpacks the personal narratives of people who stood on the front lines of one of the most unsettling chapters in American history.

Enjoy these short excerpts from the documentary, and tune in at 9PM on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29 for the full program. The full documentary will also eventually be available for streaming online.

Mick Aguirre's Story

I thought being a mechanic you're back there fixing trucks. They said, No--you're gonna be 81 mortars.

Jon Hovde's Story

If that's not love, I don't know what love is. All of a sudden I felt this urge to fight.

Clyde Lewandowski's Story

Our country called us, your country called you, now let's live in peace.

The Tuccittos' Story

Rather than to write letters, he had a tape recorder, cassettes, and that's how he would communicate. So it was a little bit more personal, I think.

Ron Mackedanz's Story

Like that's gonna hide the look in our eyes? We all looked like hell. We looked like we'd just lived through hell, which we had.

Wendell Affield's Story

I came to the realization that if I didn't tell our story, it would die with me.

Debbie Muellner's Story

When your family is torn apart like that, you just wonder if anything is ever going to be the same again.

Michael Maurer's Story

They all had people who waited for them. They were going to do things with their lives.

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