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Catharsis and Understanding

John Sorich comes from a long line of veterans, and his son followed in this family tradition and served in Iraq. Then and now, John finds himself wondering what happened, what did we sacrifice, and what do we have to show for it?

My actual experience certainly wasn't like any of the information I'd grown up with, watching John Wayne and Audie Murphy and all those other things that we were spoon fed.

John's story was captured with the help of TPT's Minnesota Remembers Vietnam team.

Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Dates of Service: 1968 - 1970

Veteran Organization: 11THACVVC


Specialty: 11-B

Story Themes: 11th Armored Cavalry, Audie Murphy, Catharsis, Family, Fort Ord, Ft Ord, Iraq War, John Sorich, John Wayne, Ken Burns Screener TPT, Reflection

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