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Calvin Kellerman

My name is Calvin Kellerman. I’m a farmer from North Dakota with a degree in general agriculture graduating from NDSU in 1951. I taught agriculture to WWII veteran farmers, managed a ranch in South Dakota, and worked for the Soil Conservation Service in North Dakota. 

As far as I know, our government didn't do much for him other than send him home in a body bag and that was that, because at that time agriculture people were not considered veterans of Vietnam.

I went to Vietnam in 1966 as an agriculture advisor working with the provincial ag chief in Long An province to develop and improve a new kind of rice for increased production. The last 2 years were spent as a regional ag advisor in DaNang and CanTho leaving Vietnam in 1972. Rice production doubled and now the country has enough rice for export.

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Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Long An, DaNang, and CanTho, Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Dates of Service: 1966 - 1972

Specialty: Agriculture

Story Themes: Advisor, Agriculture, Calvin Kellerman, Can Tho, Danang, Long An, North Dakota, Rice, Soil Conservation Service, Video

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