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An Experience of Loss

Michael Dardis lost his parents many years before serving, so coming home after his service in the Vietnam War was especially difficult. Michael has respect for his fellow servicemen and women, but he says he's not ultimately proud of his own service.

It took a long time to get back. It does kill something inside of you. For the longest time it was just like it was a dead spot.

Michael's story was captured with the help of TPT's Minnesota Remembers Vietnam team.

Biographical Details

Primary Location During Vietnam: Pleiku, Vietnam Vietnam location marker

Story Subject: Military Service

Military Branch: U.S. Army

Story Themes: Bloomington Picnic, Central Highlands, Combat, Coming Home, Death and Loss, Enlisting, Firefight, First Impressions, Fort Bragg, Michael Dardis, NVA, Pleiku, Regret, Terrain, Watch, Weaponry

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