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Veterans. Families. Protesters. Refugees. The Vietnam War left an indelible mark on millions of people. You have a story to tell.

You can share right here on this website by using the form below.

The Story Wall is a part of MINNESOTA REMEMBERS VIETNAM, a statewide initiative aimed at inspiring Minnesotans to remember and share stories, recognize bravery, express their reasons for dissent, and foster understanding around the lasting impact of war.

Consider the question: How has Vietnam impacted your life? Describe how you felt – not just the facts. Share personal anecdotes and perceptions in a conversational tone. And weave in the specific details about an experience, person, place, or thing – that way, you allow others to better imagine your story.

We’re looking for concise, personal stories that effectively highlight a meaningful experience that made a lasting impact on you during or after the Vietnam War. If you’re sharing video or audio, please try to keep it to around 3 to 5 minutes in length.

Enhance your story by adding a variety of media, including video, photos, or audio. Get creative. Letters, maps, sketches, journal pages, documents, and photos of mementos from the Vietnam War era are also great storytelling tools.

The best stories will include high-resolution images. Audio and video recordings should be created in a quiet environment, free of background noises and distractions.

This is a safe space for everyone to share, honor, and reflect.

Please familiarize yourself with our Submission Terms and Conditions, which you must agree to before submitting your story to us. We reserve the right to exclude stories that violate our policies and that don’t fit the tone of our collection.

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