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Fifty years after the height of the war, EPILOGUE is a show about what unites us. Drawing from some of the most compelling stories of the Minnesota Remembers Vietnam initiative, Epilogue explores the war and its enduring legacy through music and stories.

Kevin Kling, Cathy Wurzer and J.D. Steele take to the Ordway stage to lead a dozen storytellers in a show that moves from remembrance toward reconciliation; with just a hint of revival for good measure.

It is about the war then but also about who we are now and where we’re headed, together, as Minnesotans (veterans, activists, immigrants and refugees).

Fifty years after the height of the war, this show is about what unites us.  

Epilogue was developed in partnership with the MacPhail Center for Music

This performance took place JUNE 23rd 2018 at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts.
The show was made available to everyone via a live-stream online.  


Kevin Kling

J.D. Steele

Cathy Wurzer


Act I  Storytellers

Bruce Richardson

Raymond Wilson

Kay Bauer

Lesley Hauser

Clyde Lewandowski

Anh-Hoa Nguyen

Act II  Storytellers 

Jan Selby

Jerry Miron 

Shang Berg

Brian Berg

James Crigler

Linda MacBrayer

Douglas Bradley



Mill City Singers



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